Hemostatic gelatin sponges


Willospon®, a sterile absorbable gelatin sponge with excellent hemostatic properties

For more than 50 years, Willospon® gelatin sponge has proven its excellent hemostatic properties in all surgical procedures and wound healing. Formulated as sterile, absorbable sponges, Willospon® allows control of blood drainage when normal hemostasis is difficult to achieve and when non-absorbable material is not desirable.

Since the Willospon® sponge has been previously sterilized by gamma rays, it should not be re-sterilized. The final package is double-wrapped to ensure sterility in the operating room and is ready for use by the surgeon, who can pick it up with instruments and/or dry sterile gloves. The sponge can be easily cut and adjusted to the site of bleeding and can be applied directly to the wound with simple pressure. The origin and extent of bleeding will determine the exact duration of use and the number of sponges required to ensure hemostasis.