PAVIS Back orthosis (28cm)

Pavis back orthosis is an anatomically designed active support with individual adjustment and high wearing comfort. Convenient and easy application of support thanks to practical braces. Perforated closure ensures increased air permeability. Back orthosis friction pads relieve pain, help relieve tension and activate muscle control by improving coordination.
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PUSH Med Neck orthosis

Push med neck orthosis provides support for the spine thanks to its anatomical shape and semi-hard material. The neck brace includes a removable element for additional support. This element rests on the collarbone and jaw, providing very effective support. Appropriate anatomical fit and the use of materials that keep the skin dry ensure that the orthosis is extremely comfortable to wear. The neck brace is available in two heights. With your head straight, measure the circumference of your neck from the back to the front of your neck. The table in the package shows the correct size of the orthosis according to the circumference of your neck.
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PAVIS Open knee orthosis

Optimize your recovery with the innovative knee stabilizer designed to support and protect your knee joint throughout the recovery process. The product is equipped with a unique front opening embedded with a soft silicone ring, providing the necessary stability and comfort. Special attention is paid to the thigh area, which helps to avoid unwanted compression and keep blood circulation intact. Suitable for use on both feet.
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Pavis-Open type, adjustable, flexible knee orthosis with polycentric supports

Helps you recover faster and better: with a front opening with a soft silicone ring embedded around it to ensure knee stability. Free thigh area to avoid compression in this critical area and guarantee normal blood circulation.