SPINOS Bone cement for back applications


SPIN meet all the satisfactory aspects of the requirements for the use of bone cement in back surgery.

SPIN advantages:

SPIN can be used for vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty.
Approved for augmentation of bone screws in cases where bone quality is poor, such as in patients with osteoporosis or degenerative or neoplastic changes.
Short mixing time and rapid viscosity attainment.
The polymer composition provides high initial cohesion, thus reducing the risk of cement leakage. After a short waiting time, the cement reaches the ideal viscosity for use.
Long usage time.
Both components (powder 24 g and liquid 10 ml) quickly bind to a homogeneous paste with suitable viscosity for percutaneous injection.
After a short stirring time, the surgeon has enough time to transfer the SPINOS to the application instruments, followed by a long application time.
High radioactivity with 45% ZrO2.
The addition of zinc dioxide (ZrO2) allows optimal X-ray visualization of SPINOS for safe use.
Good fatigue resistance properties.
The SPINOS composition guarantees optimized mechanical properties that exceed the relevant requirements of the ISO 5833 standard.
Due to its medium viscosity, SPINOS can be used with suitable approved PMMA cement application tools.