VERTEBROPLASTIC™ Vertebroplasty needle – plastic handle.


A vertebral compression roll (VCR) refers to a crack in any of the vertebral bone(s) in the spinal column. This usually occurs when the front of the vertebral body collapses in the back and can be caused by:

Osteoporosis: painful osteoporotic vertebral compression cracks of the back without posterior wall involvement
Injuries: painful compression cracks in the back vertebrae
Cancer: treatment of osteolytic lesions located in dorsal vertebral bodies with preserved cortical sheath

If conservative treatment is insufficient, a cement augmentation procedure can be an effective treatment in reducing the risk of future cracks.

Vertebroplasty is a very well-established technique for the treatment of back pain caused by severe osteoporosis or tumors with subsequent height loss or vertebral body fissure.

Circumference: 11G – 13G – 15G
Length: 100 mm – 120 mm – 150 mm